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Midcontinent Livestock Supplements was founded by Raymond Orwig, Sr. and became incorporated in 1987. Orwig’s vision was to develop a cost-effective way for producers to deliver required supplemental nutrients through a highly-palatable, yet controlled, consumption process.

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What to do once chicks arrive

You will be amazed at how fast your new chicks will grow in the first few days - and every last detail counts. Hank Will, editor of GRIT Magazine, discusses tips on getting new chicks off to a strong start in this Purina Poultry video.

Purina Wind and Rain® Storm™ Cattle Minerals

No Storm is too powerful for Purina's New Wind and Rain® Storm™ Minerals. It's a Difference You Can See™ with the ultimate weather resistance, providing even more protection from weather than our previous Wind and Rain® Minerals. That means more mineral in the feeder and more mineral available to your cattle. And that's what counts.

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