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Chick season is here at Sissons Feed & Seed! We have chicks and all the supplies needed to raise chicks - stop in and see us!
Live flower & vegetable plants now in-stock and MORE arriving daily! Seeds available for purchase as well!

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How to Prepare Your Garden in Spring for a Great Summer

As daylight lengthens and temperatures warm, gardeners are always eager to get right into spring planting. If you look past the first flush of spring, however, you can take easy steps early in the season to give your garden a great summer.

Plant a Victory Garden During Coronavirus

Victory gardens have often been popular in times of adversity, whether it is wartime, economic depressions, or other strenuous periods. Most common during World War I and World War II, these at-home plots have served many purposes, and they can be just as helpful during the coronavirus pandemic.

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What to do once chicks arrive

You will be amazed at how fast your new chicks will grow in the first few days - and every last detail counts. Hank Will, editor of GRIT Magazine, discusses tips on getting new chicks off to a strong start in this Purina Poultry video.